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Updated: August 11, 2021

Through the year we’ve been encouraged by declining hospitalization rates and positive tests. Now in the past few weeks this COVID Delta variant is reversing trends with hospitalizations up and some locales & organizations implementing mask MANDATES. This fluid situation has everyone on edge – vendors & visitors alike are wondering what to do. MFJ cancelled last week. DXEngineering called today to cancel. But just as many vendors have called recently to say they are still coming.

In an earlier post, the Huntsville Hamfest encouraged everyone attending to be vaccinated. We’re going further in this post to strongly recommend, for the sake of everyone attending and then going home to their families, to wear a mask. This follows CDC GUIDANCE at this time.

At this late date, the Huntsville Hamfest is contractually committed to hosting the show. The only reason for cancelling would be a MANDATE from Local or State government banning indoor mass gatherings.

From the beginning of our planning the Hamfest Board has taken steps to ensure the safety of our guests. Twelve-foot aisles in an expanded space with hand sanitizers social distancing signage throughout the Hall will allow visitors and vendors to safely gather. We will continue to be “The World’s Friendliest Hamfest” but without the handshakes and hugs this year.

Huntsville Hamfest Board

Updated: February 15, 2021
The Hamfest Board has met with the Von Braun Center to learn about the current rules & regulations for mass-gatherings. In short, the insurmountable obstacles that prevented us from hosting a Hamfest last year have relaxed to the point where we can host a safe and successful event.
Additionally, our survey of commercial and flea-market vendors on their plans to attend returned very encouraging sentiments.
Adjustments to the floor plan are being made to keep everyone safe, in particular 12’ aisle spacing. Additional space will be utilized this year to accommodate the commercial & flea-market vendors and visitors. Once that floor plan is defined in a few weeks we’ll open the web portal up for vendor registration.
We highly recommend visitors to purchase tickets on-line this year. Will-Call windows will be set up to streamline the Saturday morning crush. The ticket web portal will open in a few weeks.
The Hamfest Board is excited at the prospect of hosting a live gathering in a safe way for everyone attending and we look forward to seeing many of our friends again.
Thanks & 73,
Mark N4BCD
Huntsville Hamfest Chairman


[image courtesy of the Huntsville Hamfest; used with permission]

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