The WCARES net is held every Monday night on the WCARES repeater system.  Membership is not required to check in.

First Monday of each month is also Alternate Power, a great opportunity to test your batteries and backup generators.  Whether you have alternative power sources or not, when checking in, please provide your power source; if you forget to provide this information, Net Control will prompt you.  As always, be brief and concise:  “battery”, “ht”, “mobile”, “backup generator”, “station battery”, “commercial” etc.

Third Monday of each month has an Alternet after the regular Monday night net.  This will alternate between simplex, duplex and HF.  Check the WCARES Event calendar or listen on the regular Monday night net to find out where the Alternet will be.

Training Nets.  Periodically, topics of interest will be presented in place of the regular roster call.  These are great opportunities to hear about areas of Amateur Radio you may wish to learn more about.

Early Check-ins? Winlink is the only early check-in accepted in WCARES! Lean more about Winlink early check-in here.


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