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Winlink/Winmor radio to computer interfacing help session

After the Chew & Chat on December 16th we will host a Winlink/Winmor radio to computer interfacing help session. If you are having difficulties setting up your radio and computer to do Winlink/Winmor over the air we will try to help. Bring your radio and laptop computer, interface boxes and cables. We will have power supplies and dummy loads.

Hope to see you Saturday.


cancelled – BitX & Winlink Tuesday Library Meeting

Due to the current weather conditions, todays meeting at the library has been cancelled (Tuesday Jan 16, 2018)


uBitX, BitX40, & Winlink

Regarding the Breakfast Meeting:
We are expecting snow for Tuesday Jan, 16th morning, 1 to 2 inches, which will make travel difficult for restaurant staff and guests. I cannot say what will happen, but if there is significant snow on the roads at 6am I will not attempt to negotiate the traffic. If not I will brave the cold and see if they are open. I will be monitoring the .21 machine starting around 6am.

Regarding the Library Meeting:
Even if the restaurant is closed or unaccessible, I will try to make it to the library by 9 am unless Brentwood says not to. I will be monitoring .21 starting around 8:30 am.

I have the Fall Conference room at the Brentwood Library reserved tomorrow from 9am to noon. I will bring parts bins and programming computer.

Winlink help will be offered as well.

I am still printing some more microphones to bring to the library (and breakfast meeting) on Tuesday. Tell me if you want one and what color.

Dave, KI4PSR



Brentwood Library


Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise II

Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise II

Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 1 pm to 2 pm Central after the Chew & Chat

WCARES Winlink Training with ICS-213 Home Exercise II will take place on Saturday, February the 17th between 1pm and 2pm (after the next Chew & Chat). It will run one hour instead of two.

More information can be found here: