Frequencies and Net

The members of WCARES, along with any other Amateur Radio operators, have access to a series of five linked repeaters located at various sites around Williamson County. The hub repeater for this network is the 444.025 MHz repeater which is located in Franklin. The repeater system is supported and maintained by the Williamson County Department of Public Safety.

In addition to local VHF and UHF capabilities, the repeater system also hosts an EchoLink Node which allows worldwide coverage. More information about EchoLink can be found here:


Repeater Frequency Tone Shift
Franklin – UHF 444.025 MHz PL 110.9 +
Franklin – VHF (FOW) 145.150 MHz PL 123.0
Fairview – VHF 145.130 MHz PL 156.7
Brentwood – VHF 145.210 MHz PL 173.8
Kirkland – UHF 443.875 MHz PL 107.2 +
WCARES VHF simplex 146.505 MHz    
WCARES UHF simplex 446.000 MHz    



Station Name Location Node Number
WC4EOC-R Franklin, TN 258417


For up to date listings please check our calendar.

WCARES Emergency Weather Net

In the event of severe weather, the WCARES Weather Net will be activated. This directed net is open to all Amateurs. All stations are asked to restrict reports to the NWS reporting criteria given by the net control operator during activation.

WCARES Weekly Radio Net

The WCARES net is held each Monday at 1900 (7PM) CT through the linked repeater system. The net is a directed net; all traffic and comments should be directed through the net control operator. The net is open to all Amateurs.

On the first net of each month, stations are asked to use alternative power if possible to communicate with the net as an exercise in emergency readiness. Whether you have alternative power sources or not, when checking in, please provide your power source; if you forget to provide this information, Net Control will prompt you.  As always, be brief and concise:  “battery”, “ht”, “mobile”, “backup generator”, “station battery”, “commercial” etc.

On the third net of each month, an alternate frequency net will be held immediately afterwards.

On net Mondays, you can check in to the net via Winlink (RF only) from 0600 to 1800 CT, by sending a Winlink message to, putting the mode you’re using (Packet, Winmor, Pactor etc.) as the subject, and your power source in the body of the message.  You may also include the Winlink node you used in the body of the message if you like.

EchoLink check-ins: If you are a visitor or first-time check-in and using EchoLink, call in when Net Control calls for visitors and first-time check-ins. All other EchoLink users, please wait until Late Check-in.

WCARES Monthly Winlink Net

Beginning February 15th, 2018, there will be a Winlink-only net each 3rd Thursday of every month.

  • Check-in is between 0600-1900 Central and can be ANY mode including Telnet.
  • Put Winlink Net in the Subject line of your check-in message and
  • Put your name and the mode you’re using (Telnet, Packet, Winmor etc.) in the body of the message
  • You will receive an acknowledgement to show that you’re checked in.
  • Address your check-in message to WC4EOC.

You may send your check-in as a regular Winlink message or use the ICS-213
form available in Winlink Express.

This net will repeat every month. This is a simple check-in with the purpose being to have WCARES members stay up to date on how to use Winlink Express.


The MTEARS ( ) net follows the WCARES net at 2000 (8PM) CT each Monday. Check-ins are by county for Middle Tennessee, by county group for East and West Tennessee and by state for out-of-state check-ins.

Tennessee Phone Nets (3.980 MHz)

Early Morning: Monday through Friday, 0540 to 0600 CT on 3.980 MHz
Morning (weekdays): Monday through Friday, starting 0645 CT on 3.980 MHz
Morning (holidays/weekends): Saturday, Sunday, & major holidays, starting 0800 CT on 3.980 MHz
Evening: Monday through Saturday, starting at 1830 CT on 3.980 MHz

CW Nets (HF)

Tennessee CW Net: Monday through Sunday, starting 1900 CT on 3.635 MHz
Tennessee Slow Speed CW Training Net: Monday through Sunday, starting 1930 CT on 3.682 MHz