HOW TO’s, tips and code plugs that include all WCARES repeaters

Introduction to DMR
Link to an overview of DMR by Andrew, AK4FA (Technical Presentation at the Feb. 2021 Monthly Meeting).

Tennessee DMR Talk Group Plans [.xlsx]
Note the usage information in the Description column

Anytone DMR radio Tips

  • If DMR radio and computer will not communicate try:
    1. With both radio and computer powered OFF, connect cable to both.
    2. Power ON computer.
    3. Power ON radio.
    4. Open program on computer.

  • Low audio at the receiving station

    If you are receiving reports of low audio from a receiving station (and it is not an issue with the receiving station audio settings), try the following:

    1. Select menu item 12 (Enhance Sound)
    2. If Enhance Sound is set to Mic Enhance, try changing the setting to Normal
    3. Also, try increasing your Mic Level under menu item 33 (Mic Level)

    Test various combinations of:
      menu item 12, Enhance Sound (Normal or Mic Enhance) and
      menu item 33, Mic Level (levels 1 through 5)
    until you achieve the desired volume and sound quality for your transmitted audio.
    Note that setting the menu item 33 (Mic Level) too high may introduce distortion.


Code Plugs

It is important that you match the version number used to create any code plug with the radio firmware version number.