Member Participation Requirements

The following participation requirements have been set for WCARES membership:

  • Each member must check in to a minimum of two nets per quarter
  • Each member must participate in one WCARES event or one sanctioned non-WCARES event yearly (the Monthly Meeting and Tuesday Chew&Chat do not count toward requirement.)

Examples of WCARES and non-WCARES events that meet the participation requirements:

WCARES events

  • WCARES Workshop
  • Harpeth River Ride
  • Field Day
  • WCARES antenna crew (tower raising, tower disassembly)
  • Other WCARES training events that will be scheduled and identified

Non-WCARES events

  • TEMA Auxcom Event
  • NWS Severe Weather Awareness Day
  • NWS spotter classes
  • FEMA ICS online Classes (not just 100, 200, 700, 800)
  • FEMA Classroom Training
  • Other events that are identified

Members can request that events be considered for inclusion

Known events will be marked with an asterisk on the calendar.

Compliance will be verified quarterly and yearly.