Member Participation Requirements

WCARES is an ARES group in Williamson County, Tennessee.

You must live in Williamson Co., Tennessee or one of the following adjoining, middle-Tennessee counties: Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Hickman, Marshall, Maury or Rutherford.

Always remember that:

  • Members are expected to take part in our activities which include public service in Williamson Co.
  • Members are strongly encouraged to take ICS training and progress through the ARRL Taskbook.
  • A number of our members who have sufficient training have been invited to participate in the Williamson Co. EMA Reserve.

The following minimum participation requirements have been set for WCARES membership; each member must:

  • Check in to a minimum of 6 RF phone nets per quarter.
  • Participate in two WCARES events or one sanctioned non-WCARES event yearly (the Tuesday Chew&Chat and the other Tuesday nets do not count toward requirement.)
  • Attend a minimum of 6 monthly meetings per year.

Members are also strongly encouraged to learn and use Winlink Express and to check in to the WCARES Weekly Radio Net once per quarter using Winlink over RF.

Examples of WCARES and non-WCARES events that meet the participation requirements:

WCARES events

  • WCARES Workshop
  • Teaching WCARES license classes
  • Making presentations at the WCARES monthly meetings
  • WCEMA work days – projects may include equipment maintenance, upgrades etc. led by members of the WCEMA Reserve
  • Harpeth River Ride or other rides and runs where WCARES provides communication services (when these are held again)
  • Field Day, Summer or Winter
  • WCARES antenna crew (tower raising, tower disassembly, antenna installation)
  • Williamson County Siren Tests monitoring and reporting the operation of the county warning sirens
  • WCARES ARC Shelter site Comms checks
  • Other WCARES training events that will be scheduled and identified

Non-WCARES events

  • TEMA Auxcom Event
  • NWS Severe Weather Awareness Day
  • NWS spotter classes
  • FEMA ICS online Classes (not just 100, 200, 700, 800)
  • FEMA Classroom Training
  • American Red Cross (ARC) exercises
  • Other events that are identified

Members can request that events be considered for inclusion.

Known events will be marked with an asterisk on the calendar.

Compliance will be verified quarterly and yearly.