As an ARES organization, WCARES will be using the Task Book for members who wish to advance their knowledge of emergency communications.

The preferred version of the Task Book to use is the combined portfolio version which includes all 3 levels as PDFs within the portfolio. Use of Adobe Acrobat is recommended.

The portfolio includes each of the 3 levels of the Task Book so each level can be reviewed and signed by our EC, Ed Hudgens, WB4RHQ.

Important note: If you are going for Level 1, make sure you also start Level 2 and include courses completed as this is required for the Level 1 section to be signed.

Portfolio PDF for Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Task Book:

If you have questions about WCARES’ implementation of the Task Book, please contact Jeff Standifer via email at:

A video of Jeff’s introduction to the Task Book is available here:

The portfolio Task Book linked above is the preferred version to use but the Levels are also available as separate PDF files if needed; Again, note the need to submit Level 1 and a started Level 2 together mentioned above.

PDF for Level 1 of the Task Book:

PDF for Level 2 of the Task Book:

PDF for Level 3 of the Task Book: