If you are a licensed Amateur Radio operator and would like to become a member of WCARES, please select the Registration tab on the left side of the screen then select the WCARES Registration Form link and fill out the form and then click on the Submit button on the bottom of the form.

If you would like to participate with WCARES at a higher level by receiving a County ID badge then complete the items that are listed in the section below. You do not have to obtain a County ID badge to become a member of WCARES.

Additional Requirements to Obtain a County ID Badge

Several years ago the WCARES Planning Committee was faced with the issue of providing credentials to our members that are acceptable to all of our served agencies without having to get individual credentials from each agency. Although there is an ARES identification card, it does not indicate any level of training or member qualifications. Bill Jorgensen, K4COM, who is the Williamson County Director of Emergency Communications came up with a plan that will allow WCARES members to receive a county photo identification badge that is accepted by all of the agencies that we deal with. To be eligible to receive the county id badge, WCARES members must complete four FEMA training courses dealing with an introduction to the National Incident Command System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). Additionally, members are required to get a background check because the id badge allows members entry into several county secure areas.

Since our served agencies operate almost exclusively using NIMS and ICS procedures, it is important that WCARES members be knowledgeable of these procedures. We need to be able to understand the terms and the process that will be used in an incident which we may be called upon to provide communication support. To insure that responding WCARES members are adequately trained in NIMS and ICS procedures WCARES members need to complete the following FEMA courses:

ICS-100, Introduction to the Incident Command System
ICS-200, ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
ICS-700, National Incident Management System, An Introduction
ICS-800, National Response Framework, An Introduction

You can take these courses online at the FEMA web site. After you complete the training, forward a copy of your course completion certificate to Trey, KI4ZIN, at Trey is maintaining the WCARES database and will enter your training into this database.

These requirements are not intended to prevent anyone from serving with WCARES. If you elect not to complete the training listed above, we will still be able to use you in case of an emergency. It may mean that you will not be able to participate at every location but you are still a vital part of WCARES and we need your help.