Go Kits

Here are some Go Kits submitted by members to help you generate your own ideas:

  1. Dave, KI4PSR

From top to bottom: Signalink USB for Winmor, Byonics Tinytrack 4 for packet Winlink, Yaesu FT-8800 for VHF/UHF, ICOM 7000 for HF and backup VHF/UHF, LDG IT-100 tuner, Samlex SC 1235M power supply (35A). The entire kit is held together using metal brackets with a handle at the top.







2. Brian, KM4LHG

HF:  Yaesu FT-450d (with LDG tuner)

VHF/UHF:  Icom IC-208h

Power supply with 110v cable

14 Ah battery backup and battery charger

12v input to operate from any external 12V source

12v output to power another rig

Charging ports to charge an external 12V battery, my handheld radio, or my cell phone

Solar panels for charging battery 110VAC is unavailable

Storage areas for cables, clipboard, headphones, fuses, tools, and other equipment

LED lighting system for operating under low light conditions, cooling fan to circulate air

SignaLink TNC for WinLink and digital communications

Clocks showing UTC and local times

Housed in a nearly-indestructible waterproof Pelican case and can be wheeled almost anywhere

For antennas, Brian uses a Buddistick, a homebrewed linked dipole, a homebrewed multiband dipole (with slinkies as the loading coils), or a portable hexbeam.


3. David, WC4DA

Yaesu 857D HF/VHF/UHF, Yaesu 8900R 10, 6 ,2, meters & 70 cm, power supply, tuner, Signalink, Rigtalk, Rigrunner, ISOpwr, Furman power conditioner, speakers.





4. Jack, KA4OTB 

Case: Three shelf SKB

Jetstream JTPSPS 28 amp power supply



LDG-AT-600 ProII Autotuner

SignaLink USB sound card


Yaesu FT-8800.

Kantronis KPC-9612+ tnc which provides both 1200 and 9600 baud capability


5. And while the following isn’t a member’s Go Kit, Gene, K4ARC, recommends that you look at this extremely well done kit: