EmComm training drill opportunity – Whirlwind Boom 2021 exercise

If you are looking for some additional EmComm training, a friend of the Red Cross EmComm Drill, Gordon Gibby in Florida, has his annual training event coming up very soon.  Here’s the info:  

All volunteer radio amateurs & groups are welcomed to join in our training exercise March 19th, Fri 7-9 PM EDT –  from local simulated shelter volunteers, city/county/state groups or plain individual volunteers accepting simulated disaster agency and personal traffic to move via working email if out of the simulated disaster area. 

This exercise is structured as a DHS HSEEP exercise, helping participants gain experience and familiarity with structured voice & data traffic.  Every means of moving traffic is encouraged.  The more volunteers engage with authorities such as in this exercise, The more likely they will actually be productively utilized in a real disaster.  View https://www.qsl.net/nf4rc/whirlwindboom.pdf for more info or reach out to Gordon at docvacuumtubes@gmail.com.  

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