Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise II

Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home

Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 1 pm to 2 pm Central

WCARES Winlink Training with ICS-213 Home Exercise II will take place on Saturday, February the 17th between 1pm and 2pm (after the next Chew & Chat). It will run one hour instead of two.

Like the first exercise, you’ll be able to participate from home or anywhere you can operate Winlink. The participants will use the ICS-213 form template in Winlink to answer skill-testing questions derived from the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. The questions will be from the Technician question pool.

In the first exercise, the participants issued one ISC-213 General Message form and “Replied” to many. In this exercise, the participants will be issuing the ISC-213 General Message form.


All license classes can participate and don’t worry about your level of experience with Winlink.

You can use any Winlink mode available to your license class and equipment; You can operate using Telnet over the Internet, Packet on VHF/UHF or Winmor/Pactor over HF. You can find the latest Frequency Band Charts here:

If you participated in the first WCARES Winlink Training with ICS-213 Home Exercise, I would like to encourage you by challenging yourself not to use Telnet and try to use either Packet on VHF/UHF or Winmor/Pactor over HF. If you do not have radio capabilities, please continue to use Telnet.

Winlink/RMS Express:

You will need Winlink installed. Please go to the bottom of the Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise announcement, posted on Nov 6, 2017 for instructions.

Point System:

This is not a contest. The point system was created to help show you how well you did. In this exercise, you can keep track on how well you did.

Participants who are using Packet or Winmor/Pactor will receive bonus points. This will be based on the honor system.

5 points for using Packet mode
7 points for using Winmor or Pactor mode

1 point for each completed ISC-213 Question Sequence

15 point for each Bonus Question

10 point for participating the exercise from 1pm to 2pm

Some tidbits-

You do not need to stay for the whole exercise. If you need to leave early, please notify Net Control.

We have Elmers to help you. You are welcome to do the exercise at the EOC.

Please remember, this exercise is about learning a skill set and about having fun doing it!

Thank you,

Janise, KK4HTA

Go Box, Drop Kit radio equipment configuration session

PSC Classroom Event, Saturday 24th of March, from 8 am till noon.

Dave, KI4PSR, will facilitate a “Go Box, Drop Kit radio equipment configuration session” at a classroom in the Public Safety Center.

If you are interested in attending, please e-mail .

The principal focus is on putting together a portable radio kit for UHF/VHF voice and Winlink.

Participants will design and start creating basic, simple portable radio systems including UHF/VHF radios, TNC, computer interface cabling, power supply and/or battery.

Target participants:

  • New hams to learn what a go box kit means and includes from a radio perspective.
  • Hams with an assembled kit to test and verify (hams uncertain if it works).
  • Hams needing suggestions and parts lists/venders of required equipment, programming.
  •  Hams needing simple connections and adaptors made (Coax, power poles, DIN cables wiring).

Support offered:

  • Information document with drawings and parts list to send out before the event so participants can order what they might need.
  • Email support to answer questions and supply information prior to the event.
  • Building assistance at the event, testing, programming, training.


  •  For this initial event, the number of participants will be limited to no more than 20.

Participants need to be as prepared as they can be considering their experience…this must be a do it yourself event requiring participants active involvement to the extent of their ability


  • Volunteers with experience, equipment, and tools. Experienced builders to bring parts like speakers TNCs and cables for donation or sale.

New Monthly Winlink Net

Beginning February 15th, 2018, there will be a Winlink-only net each 3rd Thursday of every month.

  • Check-in is between 0600-1900 Central and can be ANY mode including Telnet.
  • Put Winlink Net in the Subject line of your check-in message and
  • put your name and the mode you’re using (Telnet, Packet, Winmor etc.) in the body of the message
  • You will receive an acknowledgement to show that you’re checked in.
  • Address your check-in message to WC4EOC.

You may send your check-in as a regular Winlink message or use the ICS-213
form available in Winlink Express.

This net will repeat every month. This is a simple check-in with the purpose being to have WCARES members stay up to date on how to use Winlink Express.

2018 Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day will be January 27 – 28, held on Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory grounds. In case of inclement weather the location will instead be outside the Williamson County Public Safety building in Franklin. There will be three stations running 24 hours: SSB, CW and Digital (PSK31). We’re even going to try to work a satellite! The event begins at 1 pm Saturday, January 27th and continues until 1 pm Sunday, January 28th.

If you’d like to participate, sign up using the links below.




Questions? Email Laura at

Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise II Workshop

There are two for training and practice workshops to help prepare for the Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise II.

Tuesday, December 12th from 9am to 12pm
Tuesday, December 19th from 9am to 12pm

On Tuesday December 12th from 9 to noon we will host a Winlink/Winmor radio to computer interfacing help session. If you are having difficulties setting up your radio and computer to do Winlink/Winmor over the air we will try to help. Bring your radio and laptop computer, interface boxes and cables. We will have power supplies and dummy loads.

The workshops are held at The Brentwood Library in the Fall Conference Room. The room can hold up 18 people. If you are planning to come, please contact Janise at on which day and time and make sure to indicate what help you’d like with Winlink.

Thanks: I would like to thank the thirteen participants who trained with us during the Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise. Especially for the kind words given on the second Bonus Question “Feedback”, they were very much appreciated!

The maximum total score is 57.
1 point for each 17 questions answered correctly. 15 point for each Bonus Questions

– ICS-309 Report
– Feedback
– Those who answered all 17 questions correctly

Both participants and Exercise Command learned a few things and we are looking forward to make improvements. One participant tried to be part of the exercise from several states away, but the Internet was not working to his favor. Bob AK4RO was simultaneously using both Pactor and packet Winlink on two different radios and switching back and forth between them for practice.

Five of the thirteen participants are new Winlink users. Two of the five learned how to use Winlink during W4PHS, Phil’s presentation. All in all, everyone did very well. I’m so glad you tried it!

If any participants have questions about the Saturday, Nov 18th Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise, please send the questions to Janise at

The exercise couldn’t happen without the teamwork of Dave KI4PSR, Laura N4CLO, RJ KC4LRR and David KK4CQD, thank you!

What’s next you ask?
Yes, there will be a Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise II scheduled for sometime in February 2018 (TBD); more information will follow. If you are interested in signing up for the exercise, please contact Janise at and I will put you on the roster. Early sign up is welcome.

Please look out for future announcement about the Winlink Training with ICS-213 at Home Exercise II on the Monday Nets, WCARES Newsletter and the WCARES website.

Thank you! Janise, KK4HTA