Portable Ops February 2023

Tim W4BAX, Jeff WB5WAJ, Doug W4DML, Paul KM4PT, Rick WX4UKE and Andy KY4DF enjoying portable ops at Liberty Park.

Portable Ops November – Liberty Park

Our EC, Jeff Standifer, WB5WAJ contributed this short video of a WCARES portable ops gathering at Liberty Park. The video was taken on 11/22/2022 and features Jon Kessell (KK4AIZ) at his rig while other WCARES members look on.

Portable Ops November – “Music” & “Going to the dogs”

Melanie, Rick and Jeff enjoy music in the park while Jeff, Jeff, Doug and Paul have gone to the dogs while operating POTA on the Natchez Trace Parkway at the 1812 Memorial Monument! Pictures by Jeff ‘DWP and Doug.

WCARES Members enjoy their classic rigs on AM

By Doug Miller, W4DML

Ron Howes and I enjoy vintage AM radio. On September 30, Ron used his Johnson Viking seen in the first photo and I used my Johnson Valiant on the top center of the second photo.

These are both 1950’s transmitters. The receivers that we used are also vintage. We had a great QSO and lots of fun! We have done this a few other times on other vintage AM gear.