WCARES Technician License Classes 2021

We received the go-ahead from the EMA to hold in-person Technician License classes at the EOC starting on Saturday, May 29th. The EOC is in the Williamson County Public Safety Building, located at:

304 Beasley Drive in Franklin, TN.

Classes will be held in the main EOC room and run for five weeks ending on June 26th, with testing held at the EOC starting at 1:00 pm that afternoon. Weekly classes will run from 8:00 to 12:00 pm.

The final class and testing happen to fall on Field Day, but with Field Day being virtual again, that should not be a huge issue.

We will have a limit of around 30 students and we have already started a list. This time we will also be offering the class to a group of Sea Scouts so we expect spaces will fill quickly.

Jack Cox is coordinating with the instructors (Michael Richardson and the leader of the Sea Scouts) and he will serve as the keeper of the master student list.

Those interested in attending should contact Jack Cox via email at: ka4otb@comcast.net

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