AUXCOMM TN – Action requested – updated Dec 28, 2020

From AUXCOMM of TN, Elizabeth St. Vincent, K4KTG


WHAT WE KNOW: As efforts continue to bring online Tennessee’s communications systems, I wish to take a moment and thank everyone for their valuable ‘ground-truth’ reports. We have been able to utilize your data points for understanding where there are still lapses in coverage, and where restorative efforts have been successful.

Approximately 59 Tennessee 911 centers (PSAPs) experienced partial, or total, telecommunications disruption as a result of the explosion in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day. With over 140 AUXCOMM data points collected from all across Tennessee, with a variety of area codes included in the mix, we were able to provide invaluable feedback to served agencies who worked to establish back-up telephone numbers for their dispatch centers.

WHAT WE NEED: To assist in the tracking of Tennessee’s communications infrastructure status, Amateur Radio systems are being exercised for various served agencies:

o DMR TEMA TalkGroup 31478 Net Daily at 10am & 2PM (CST) – Call Sign, County, System Connectivity (ie. Are you using a HotSpot: Internet Service Provider or DMR Repeater to access TalkGroup)

ACTION REQUESTED: At this time, we are modifying the request for data collection. Please submit a response to the Auxiliary Communicators of Tennessee Facebook Group ONLY if:

1. If your Cellular of Internet Service Provider link has NOT been restored
2. If you have experienced a sudden change (either up or down) in service

Use this NEW template, and look for the text of this email for a NEW thread that will be used to track updates from any given station:

1. Amateur Radio CallSign
2. County Name (State Abbreviation if you are an out-of-state (TN) Station)
3. Personal Cellular Area Code
4. Personal Cellular Provider’s Name
5. Personal Cellular Status (Restored / No Coverage)
6. Internet Service Provider (ISP)
7. Personal ISP Status (Restored / No Coverage)


1. K4KTG
2. Williamson
3. 615
4. AT&T
5. Restored
6. Comcast
7. Restored

****** Only if you DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO FACEBOOK ( may you respond to this email [send to: ], and I will copy/paste your completed template into the Facebook thread.

This was the reason we have trained so hard across the years. This is why the Incident Command System is critical for our understanding of served agencies. This was why we exercised frequently, so that our individual response was a calm and collected response. This was the moment for TN-AUXCOMM to shine, and you did so valiantly! Thank you!

Talk to you soon,
Elizabeth St. Vincent
FCC Callsign: K4KTG

Certified Communications Unit Leader (TN-COML)
Communications Unit Technician (COMT)
(615) 946-9766 Mobile
(615) 301-1747 Fax

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