Feb. 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting:

1. Blake and Ryan Pearson achieve “Big Dog” status

Blake Pearson (KN4VKY) and Ryan Pearson (KN4VKW) operated the CW station at the N4FR Winter Field Day. Their work was impressive, expertly handling traffic at 23-25wpm. Because of this, Tim Kreth presented the boys with certificates, clearing their way to sit at the proverbial “Big Dog Table” from now on. While the boys watched the presentation on Zoom, their father, Andrew Pearson (KN4VKX), accepted the certificates on their behalf.

2. WCARES Membership Requirements – 2023

In this video, Jeff Standifer (WB5WAJ) reviews the requirements for being a WCARES member in good standing.

3. Radio Wave Propagation

How is possible for us to talk to hams across America and beyond? Watch this video and learn the science behind the magic.

Tim Kreth (AD4CJ) gives a detailed presentation of radio wave propagation. Much of this material comes from the General license study materials. If you haven’t yet obtained your General class license – or if it’s been a while, and you’ve forgotten a few things – Tim’s presentation includes useful information for all hams.

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