Santa Net 2023

Santa Claus is coming! … To a receiver near you.

This year the Santa Net will be once again be soaring through the skies of Middle Tennessee. Each year Tony, KF4KFQ, presents the “Santa Net” bringing Santa across Middle Tennessee. Amateur radio operators will be able to contact Santa during his rounds on the 146.415 simplex and simulcast on 446.415 simplex.

For those heading out of the area or for our non-ham listeners, the Santa Net will be simulcast on YouTube and on Facebook Live. Just go to: or via Facebook Live (See Below)

The Santa Net will begin at 7 PM CST on December 24th (Christmas Eve, of course) and will continue as long as traffic holds. In addition to QSO’s with old Saint Nick there will be skits and readings of traditional Christmas favorites.

Sometimes a great introduction to ham radio that entertains the younger set is to let them speak to Santa on the air. Hams are invited to allow 3rd Party traffic to talk to Santa, as well as, provide reports of Santa Sightings and other items of interest on Christmas Eve.


To join the Santa Net Facebook Live Session:

For Facebook users; You will receive a link in the notifications section of your FB page. Click that link to access the Santa Net.

Additionally, those wanting to make the Santa Net extra special for a little one that will be listening that night, email information about the child to:

Please include Santa Net In the subject line.

Include the following:

  • Child’s Name (a phonetic pronunciation if the name is difficult)
  • Child’s Gender (Santa got burned on this one year)
  • A general neighborhood where they are.
  • And any other information that Santa should know that will make the evening special for the child. For example, Teacher’s name(s) … Pet Name(s) … Elf’s Name (If using Elf-On-A-Shelf) … etc.
  • Item(s) that you KNOW the child is receiving for Christmas.

If desired, I can also provide Elf-On-A-Shelf reports before Christmas that I will return as an audio file to your email address. Just send an email and the above information to the address above. Please put “Elf Report” in the subject line.

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