Update on Hamvention 2021

From DX Engineering’s “Tuesdays with Tim and Jeff” an update on the status of Hamvention 2021:


From the Hamvention website:

We are looking forward to seeing all our friends at the 2021 Hamvention. Of course, 2020 has turned out to be the year of the COVID-19 pandemic and that has caused us to deal with new stresses and visitor concerns regarding Hamvention.

As we move forward toward the 2021 Hamvention, we are keeping our eye on government policy and ensuring good protection for our guests. As someone trained in Public Health, I am especially interested in making sure all our guests will be able to enjoy the Gathering at Hamvention without unnecessary risk to themselves.

Many things need to happen between now and May of 2021 for Hamvention to be a success. Some are in our control, and some are not. But all of us in the Hamvention Volunteer Corps are working full speed and at full throttle toward the success we hope Hamvention 2021 will be.

Rick Allnutt, MD, WS8G, 2021 Hamvention General Chair