WCARES upcoming Monthly Meetings and the website

The technical presentation for the February meeting will be a repeat of a great presentation Tim, AD4CJ gave back in 2016 on “Improving HF Reception”.

The March 19th presentation will be “VHF/UHF SSB” by Paul, WD9IOK.

The April presentation is to be about MTEARS ( mtears.org ) by Tom, K1KY.

You can find these and all WCARES events on the Events Calendar, here; upcoming events are also shown in the sidebar below the WCARES Frequencies list.

Frequencies and Nets

  • The Frequencies and Nets page and the WCARES Frequencies list in the sidebar include frequencies etc. for the WCARES repeaters, simplex and DMR.

Frequencies and Nets --> Nets

  • Details on checking in to the weekly WCARES phone and winlink nets can be found on this page along with information about other nets of interest

Library & Special Interests --> Presentations

Library & Special Interests --> Books References Guides

  • This page lists books and other reference material of interest to WCARES members and other radio amateur operators. This includes the WCARES Lending Library and books at the Williamson County Public Library and the latest LOTW New User Guide.

Frequencies and Nets --> NOAA Weather Radio (NWR)

  • This page includes a number of links to more detailed information about NOAA Weather Radio including transmitter frequencies and locations, SAME codes etc.

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