Tennessee SWAW 2022 and NOAA Weather radio test

From the National Weather Service OHX office: https://www.weather.gov/ohx/swaw2022

Beginning Sunday, February 20th, the National Weather Service offices that serve Tennessee will be conducting Severe Weather Awareness Week 2022. Each day, a new topic will be covered by way of online presentations. You will be able to register for any or all of the FREE classes that will be offered during the week. The topics for each day are listed below, then you can scroll down and register for the classes you would like to attend.

Visit the link above for list of classes being offered as well as links to register for the classes.

This event is on the WCARES calendar: here.

In addition, Tennessee will host a special NOAA Weather Radio test on Wednesday, February 23rd at 9:30am CST / 10:30am EST to replace the weekly test that normally occurs on Wednesday at 11:15am. This is a great time to encourage everyone to think about their safety plans and what THEY would do IF a Tornado Warning is issued. If weather is expected next Wednesday, the test will be conducted on Friday, February 25th.

Finally, for a list of other Skywarn Storm Spotter Classes offered, please check out:



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