Siren Test Monitoring is back starting this Saturday.

The GIS team at the Williamson County EMA have put together an updated Siren Test Monitoring system. This system will look familiar to some of you and is now ready to be used.

We will restart the monthly siren test monitoring this coming Saturday, November 4th at 1PM local and you can find these and future events on the WCARES event calendar.

There will typically be an announcement on the WCARES repeaters at noon (an hour before the siren test) to confirm whether the testing is going ahead or has been cancelled for that day.

Update: The siren test is on for today (Saturday Nov 4, 2023) – there is still time to sign up to monitor one of the sirens. Go to the Events calendar and click on the “SIREN TEST MONITORING” event.

Siren Test Monitoring

The County EMA has requested our assistance as they restart the county siren tests. These tests will be conducted every month on the 1st Saturday at 1:00 pm. To conduct these tests, the County has set up a web-based siren selection and reporting system.

Please consider helping out with this activity.

To signup to monitor a siren to be tested, please go ahead and follow the link below (and in the WCARES Notes) and select your siren.

To sign up to monitor a Williamson Co. siren test, please use this link .

You will receive an e-mail after you submit the sign-up form; this e-mail will contain a link to a results form for your selected siren. On the day of the test use this form to report whether the siren went off, at what time and for how long etc.

There will typically be an announcement on the WCARES repeaters at noon (an hour before the siren test) to confirm whether the testing is going ahead or has been cancelled for that day.

Remember to check your e-mail for the link to the survey to report the results of your monitoring.

Siren test monitoring resuming

From our EC Jeff, KC1DWP:

The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency is ready for us to resume monitoring of the monthly siren test and they are greatly appreciative of the support we provide. The sign up system is active and an improved process is in place to inform us in the event of a siren test cancellation.

This is the link to the current sign up system:

In the event the scheduled siren test is canceled, I will be notified by the On Call On Duty no later than 12:00 noon (i.e. one hour prior to the scheduled test).  An announcement will be made on the WCARES repeater system indicating either the siren test has been canceled or the siren test has not been canceled.

Please make every effort to sign up for a siren.  It’s an important part of making sure the siren warning system is operational and able to warn members of our community in the event of a dangerous weather event.  You may also find that it is a good time to take your significant other out for lunch or a picnic. 

Jeff Schwartz

Reserve Team Leader

Williamson County Emergency Management Agency​
ARRL Emergency Coordinator Williamson County TNARES

Siren Test Monitoring – 7/2/2022

Signup by clicking here.

This list is only for sirens in the unincorporated areas of Williamson County. The test Will take place this Saturday at 1PM. After you monitor the siren please send reports by email to . In the email please include the following:

  1. Did the Siren sound?
  2. What time did it go off?
  3. Did it go the full time?
  4. Were there any problems?

Williamson County Siren Testing sign-up

A temporary sign-up form is available to help monitor Williamson County siren tests. You can find the form here:

The form lists sirens and test dates to choose from. After selecting sirens and dates, click the

Submit and Sign Up

button at the bottom of the page.

After you monitor a siren test please send reports by e-mail to our EC, Jeff Standifer Please include the following in your e-mail:

  • Did the Siren sound?
  • What time did it go off?
  • Did it go the full time?
  • Were there any problems?


    Siren location addresses and descriptions and a map of the siren locations
    are now available as PDFs here, under:  

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