The Documented Story of a Child’s Radio Dream Come True

On March 14, 2015, Jim Fergusson (KC9VKV) reached out to the WCARES repeater system via Echolink from his home in New Albany, IN. Some of you who were listening that day may have heard his story as a man who spent his whole life fulfilling his childhood dream to become a radio broadcaster.

Jim documents 50 years of his life as a broadcaster with actual audio recordings from 1956 (when he was 12 years old and had a 5-watt pirate broadcasting station) onward, culminating in his becoming the production director for a major 50 Kilowatt AM broadcast facility.

He has spent several years putting this extensive documentary together, which can be accessed here.
Thank you, Jim, for reaching out to the WCARES repeater system and letting us in on your story.

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