The Ham Whisperer (for learning CW)

Trying to learn CW?  I have found a teacher online that so far has really helped me. The website is  Andy, KE4GKP, has eleven youtube (you can get to the videos through the website, or search for “Ham Whisperer” from within YouTube) based audio courses that present the letters, numbers, and prosigns.  Most lessons present three letters and a number.  He presents a letter and repeats it many times as you write it down, after that letter he will send three words for you to copy and give the answers after, he will then give a random run with all the letters and numbers you should know at this point with the new letter included.  He will then present the next letter, and repeat all the steps.  At the end of the lesson, he presents a longer random run, with everything you should know at this point, the key to this run is on the webpage for that lesson.  At the start of the new lesson, he reviews the last lesson with a random run of those characters, and begins to present the new items. For me, this is really helping, so I wanted to pass it along.  Once I get to a higher level of recognition, I will then include tools to simulate HF noise, fading, other signals, etc…..oh and actually listen on the radio!  But these lessons have gotten me farther than I have been able to stick with the code than ever before……. Also here is a link to the K7QO code course that has audio files and key that starts with letters, numbers, prosigns, words…..eventually getting to entire sections from various books.  This is a program that was being given away by The Fists CW Club of North America at the Dayton Hamfest.
-Scott Gray, KD4VVC

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