The WCARES Vision

From Scott Gray, KD4VVC:

One thing we, as members of WCARES, should always keep in mind….every activity we take part in with WCARES should always have some value in preparing for fulfillment of our mission to provide emergency communication support to our served agencies and communities.  So, when taking part in one of the activities of one of the special interest groups, such as the Technical Subjects group and Skywarn group, always look for how the information and skills shared in these activities prepare you to more effectively fulfill this role.  The same applies to the community service events we assist with, such as the Harpeth River Ride, which gives us an opportunity to set up in field conditions, pass real communications traffic, interface with our served agencies, and give us experience in handling somewhat stressful and confused situations.

As time progresses, I challenge each of you to sharpen your skills and prepare the gear you would use to respond to an event.  As you learn new things that would be valuable for us all to know, please contact the WCARES Emergency Coordinator, so an opportunity can be set up for you to share with as many members as possible.

If you have not done so, please review the Emergency Ops plan that is posted on this website.  It is located in the members area, so if you do not have an account, please take the steps to register.  The plan, is our basis for response to an event, and covers several contingencies, such as repeater outages, etc.


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