February 2024 presentation – Weather Observation and Amateur Radio

Weather Observing & Your Ham Radio Hobby

Paul Havlik (WD9IOK) gave this comprehensive presentation during the monthly WCARES group meeting in February 2024.

Key Objectives of Paul’s Presentation:

– Share what it takes to be a good observer by being “weather aware”
– How to stay ahead of the storms and be ready when they arrive
– Typical weather spotting equipment
– Operating a safe indoor station
– Knowing what and how to report what you see or measure
– Resources for training and participating

Identifying Severe Weather

Get a refresher on how to identify severe weather features with this excellent presentation by Krissy Hurley, Nashville’s NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist. Krissy originally gave this presentation at the WCARES April 2021 Virtual Montly Meeting.




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