WCARES Antenna Party – then and now

The WCARES Antenna Team helped Robin, K4IDK install antennas back in 2013. In 2023 they were back to help take them down. Pictures then and now courtesy of Jon, KK4AIZ.


Jeff WAJ & Jeff DWP are at the window, Don is in the black shirt and the roof crew are Don, Dennis and Jeff WAJ.  Robin is in the red shirt.


Antenna Party

WCARES members helped Hoop, K9QJS raise an Off Center Fed dipole. Jon, KK4AIZ supplied the pictures and reported that a good time was had by all. The antenna was recommended by Ted W3TB and in attendance were:

Paul – KM4PT;
Doug – W4DML;
Jon – KK4AIZ;
Dennis – WB9PJZ;
Jeff – WB5WAJ; and
Hoop – K9QJS