June 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting: Field Day, HamDash and digital troubleshooting

Paul KM4PT discussed Field Day and along with Cliff N4CCB introduced the group to HamDash:

Troubleshooting Digital Modes
Hoop K9QJS presents a framework for solving problems with digital modes… which can encompass operating system, soundcard, transceiver, and software issues.

If you’ve ever had your system working perfectly only to have it fail for some mysterious reason, this presentation is for you!

A PDF of his presentation is available here and the video is here (Recorded on June 17th, 2023 at the monthly WCARES meeting):

Nov. 2020 Virtual Monthly Meeting: What’s in a bag, FT8 & FT4, Shack Tour!

(RJ’s tour video has been updated.)

This month Kevin, KO4HPE has a presentation on planning and building an effective go-bag, Hilton, W4GHD gives a Technical Presentation on digital modes FT8 and FT4 and RJ, KC4LRR takes us on a tour of his radio shack and laboratory!

What’s in a bag: Preparedness
By Kevin Fitch (KO4HPE)


FT8 & FT4
By Hilton Dean (W4GHD)


RJ Virtual Shack Tour