WCARES Winter Field Day 2024 – Updated

Updated – Paul has published the guidelines for this years WCARES Winter Field Day event here – be sure to read through this for all the details including schedule, rules, location, logging etc.:


From Paul, KM4PT

Reminder that the last full weekend in January (27 & 28) is Winter Field Day. You can go online to winterfieldday.org and pull up the 2024 regulations.

The sign-up sheet is available at this link.

This year we will be operating from the Williamson County (Robert A Ring) Soccer Complex, West Fields. Paul, KM4PT will have more details soon so check this posting.

Dec. 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting: FRS, GMRS and DMR

Two very good presentations at the December meeting.

GMRS Radio
In this video, Gary Kantner (W9GMK) describes FRS and GMRS radio services that are available to everyone with no FCC-testing required. You do, however, need to register with the FCC for a callsign to use with GMRS… the more powerful service of the two. This video was recorded during the WCARES monthly meeting held on December 16th, 2023.

Will Daughtrey (KO4DNR) provides an overview of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio). This video was recorded during the WCARES monthly meeting held on December 16th, 2023.

Portable Ops December 5th, 2023

Photos from Cliff, N4CCB

Nov. 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting: NVIS Antennas

In this video, Ted Edwards (W3TB) explains what NVIS antennas are used for and how to deploy them. From a presentation to the WCARES monthly meeting in November, 2023.

October 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting: Communication without Infrastructure – Winlink

Communication Without Infrastructure – Winlink
Phil Sherrod, W4PHS

Sept. 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting: WCARES & the ARRL and the Jim Creek Naval Station Antenna

WCARES and how it fits within the ARRL Field Organization
Ed Hudgens, WB4RHQ

Jim Creek Naval Station Antenna
Scott Yates, N4BBB

WCARES Antenna Party – then and now

The WCARES Antenna Team helped Robin, K4IDK install antennas back in 2013. In 2023 they were back to help take them down. Pictures then and now courtesy of Jon, KK4AIZ.


Jeff WAJ & Jeff DWP are at the window, Don is in the black shirt and the roof crew are Don, Dennis and Jeff WAJ.  Robin is in the red shirt.


August 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting: Nano VNA’s and HT for New Hams

Nano VNAs – W4DML
Doug Miller (W4DML) gives a first-rate presentation on Nano Vector Network Analyzers (VNA’s). He tells what they are, what you can do with them, where to purchase one, and gives a demo that uses a Nano VNA for an antenna analyzer, bandpass filter analysis, and coax testing.

HT for the New Ham – K9QJS
This presentation by Hoop, K9QJS is specifically for new hams with an HT, to help them improve their signal and their reception. Hoop promises at least one new piece of information for even the most experienced HT operators.

Click here for a PDF of Hoop’s presentation.


July 2023 In-Person & Virtual Monthly Meeting: POTA – Parks On The Air

Parks On The Air

w/ Jeff Standifer (WB5WAJ)

Jeff Standifer (WB5WAJ) provides an excellent overview of the Parks On The Air program. Jeff is a long-time POTA participant and shares his experience with those who may want to give POTA a try.

Recorded on July 15th, 2023 at the monthly WCARES meeting.

WCARES Monthly Meeting

The WCARES Monthly Meeting takes place the 3rd Saturday of every month with the possible exceptions of May (Hamvention) or August (Huntsville Hamfest) in which case it is held on the 2nd Saturday to allow members to attend those events.

We meet at the Williamson County Public Safety Building, located at:

304 Beasley Drive in Franklin, TN.

You can also take part in these meetings using Zoom. Look for the meeting information in the WCARES Notes e-mails.

Meeting starts at 8AM in the EOC.  Members periodically give presentations covering a wide range topics including emergency communications,  propagation and antennas, operating techniques and best-practices, kit building, hardware and software, Winlink, weather, ARRL, new modes and more.  Upcoming events are also discussed.

Meet other WCARES members and learn more about WCARES and Amateur Radio.