Give your data port equipped mobile inexpensive APRS functionality

Back in September, I came across a great write-up on how a gentleman out west by the name of Kristoffer Smith used a Mobilinkd TNC, APRSDroid, and the data port on their Kenwood TM-V71A to add full APRS functionality to their mobile rig. With Harpeth River Ride quickly approaching, I thought I’d share that article. Imagine having the functionality of a Kenwood D-710 with AvMap GPS for the price of a normal mobile rig, a $60 TNC, and your Android smartphone or tablet from a few years back that was otherwise gathering dust somewhere.


Winter Field Day (1-28/1-29) – Details & Signup

Winter Field Day will be Saturday, January 28 – 29, held on Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory grounds. In case of inclement weather the location will be outside the Williamson County Public Safety building. There will be three QRP stations running 24 hours: SSB, CW and digital. Set up will begin at 1 pm Friday, January 27th.

If you’d like to work the event, sign up using the links below.

Dyer Observatory address and directions

Submit Questions to Laura at

Amateur Radio Roundtable

You are invited to Amateur Radio Roundtable, a new series of live weekly webcasts. The webcast is every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM CDT (0100 UTC Wednesdays) at

Amateur Radio Roundtable is an informal discussion of all aspects of ham radio with the intent of allowing viewers to watch this live webcast at A question and answer session with viewers will follow each topic.

The show covers all aspects of ham radio; such as, balloon launches, satellite, go-kits, emergency communications, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, and much more.

To watch Amateur Radio Roundtable go to, click on Live Events and sign in with your existing User Name and Password. If you don’t have a user name and password, just enter your call or name, leave the password blank and hit sign in.

During the last half of the roundtable, viewers are invited to be a guest and make a virtual appearance on the show. Guests will need a Google+ account, microphone, and camera. A link allowing you to join will be provided during the show. This part of the show is very informal; you can just pop in to say hello, or stay a while and join in on a wide range of topics. Google Hangout will allow up to 10 people at a time.

We need your help with topics. If you have a specific subject that you would like to present in a future show, send an email to

Join us for fun and interesting ham radio discussions. We’ll see you on the webcast!

Tom Medlin, W5KUB

The Documented Story of a Child’s Radio Dream Come True

On March 14, 2015, Jim Fergusson (KC9VKV) reached out to the WCARES repeater system via Echolink from his home in New Albany, IN. Some of you who were listening that day may have heard his story as a man who spent his whole life fulfilling his childhood dream to become a radio broadcaster.

Jim documents 50 years of his life as a broadcaster with actual audio recordings from 1956 (when he was 12 years old and had a 5-watt pirate broadcasting station) onward, culminating in his becoming the production director for a major 50 Kilowatt AM broadcast facility.

He has spent several years putting this extensive documentary together, which can be accessed here.
Thank you, Jim, for reaching out to the WCARES repeater system and letting us in on your story.

Ever Change a Light Bulb?

How the Titanic disaster pushed Uncle Sam to “Rule the Air”

Four months after the 1912 Titanic disaster, Congress passed the first law ..

Click here for the story


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WinLink + OHXHamChat

A gateway is now available between Winlink and the ohxhamchat weather chat room hosted by NWS. Using Winlink messages you can post messages to the chat group and request a list of messages posted during previous hours. The messages can be sent using any Winlink mode (Telnet, Packet, Pactor and Winmor). This provides radio access to the chat room if Internet connectivity is not available.

Click here to read more.

Carl Sibilski, KB9DKR – CW Tutorial Powerpoint

Repeater Database Superimposed on Google Maps

Steve, N4YOU, recommends the following repeater database that is superimposed on Google Maps. Searches can be conducted by zip code or city.